Friday, June 26, 2009

App-a-Day #8: Spot the Bug

Sit back with some peaceful music from renowned composer Matt Sayre and collect ladybugs! In this surprisingly calm matching game, the eighth game to come out of Dave Calabrese's App-a-Day Project, ladybugs with different numbers of spots crawl down the screen from the top to the bottom. Tap the ladybug to stop it in its tracks - now count the spots on its back, and tap that many other ladybugs with the same number of spots.

This simple game with its calming music and playful art is certain to surprise you with its engrossing gameplay and re-playability. Before you know it, you'll have been playing for 5 minutes, be at level 12, and have a score of 20 million.

Wait... #8? What happened to #7?
Well, let's say that I've learned you really cannot make a strategy game complete with micro-management within 24 hours. I did get a very long ways through production of it, and I kept saying it was ready for release because it was - however the more I played it, the more I kept feeling like it needed more statistics, more micro management control... just more 'stuff' to really make it a solid 'business sim' game. I'm planning to still finish it up during App-a-Day however and release it as the official #7 - it just won't be the 7th app actually submitted.

As for App #8, 'Spot the Bug', I am honored to be allowed to include music from the respected game soundtrack composer Matt Sayre. If you are working on games and need music, there is simply no one else to even consider going to - he's the best, without question! Take a moment to visit his home page and become more familiar with Matt Sayre and his awesome work:

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