Tuesday, June 16, 2009

App-a-Day #4: Tumblecaps

App-a-Day 4 got to be rather interesting. You may have noticed it's a bit late - by almost 2 days! So what happened? On Sunday I was working on a new game and got quite far in it. However, by Sunday night, I realized that the game needed a bit more 'oomph' to really have the quality and fun bar that I was trying to reach in that really short amount of time. So, I opted to push it forward into Monday. As I worked on it Monday, I realized I had a game with quite a lot of depth - though it would need a few days more work to really be solid. So, already a day late, I opted to shelve that game and return to it after the App-a-Day project so I can have a few days to complete it.

Monday night I sat around thinking, "I want to do a game with bottlecaps". After about an hour of staring at pictures of bottlecaps and at my wall (the wall gives me game ideas), I came up with Tumblecaps.

Tumblecaps is a frantic fast-paced game where you have to tap like-caps to create chains, then tap a different cap to turn in the chain and start a new one. The bigger the chain, the more the multipler. But you have to be fast - the Soda Bar at the top of the screen is constantly draining, and only refills when you turn in a cap chain. As you progress and your score increases, the draining of the Soda Bar becomes faster and faster! Try and store big chains and collect them when you need them, and stock up on hourglasses which slow down the Soda Bar for 4 seconds, because as when it gets fast, it moves REALLY fast!

My best score so far is 29,100. Who can beat me? Reply to this with your scores and photos of the score screen!

I feel this app has a lot of potential. This is one of the ones I am really looking forward to revisiting after App-a-Day and put a few days of polish on and rerelease it, probably as "Tumblecaps 2" or something.

Thanks to Partner's in Rhyme for the free sounds and music!

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  1. Hey I've been following your project and has been very 'enlightening', seeing interesting ideas coming to life so fast, but you really need to post videos of you playing the games (and please don't forward us to apple's site or something). Sometimes I feel like one of your games is fun but can't really imagine that flow of play and the levels.

    PS: if you can find a pretty girl to play for the video it would be much nicer though.

  2. Much agreed on the videos! My current plan actually is to release videos as the games are released in the app store - I don't want to release videos 'too early' and lose potential sales. I was thinking of just doing them like teaser trailers, with the video output from the iPhone sent straight to the computer to record rather than needing to show off my current iPhone (with its big cracked screen, lol!).

    Thanks for the comment! :)