Monday, June 22, 2009

App-a-Day #7: Burgerwar

Ready for the tastiest war ever? Prepare to duke it out in a town where fast food joints were illegal - until a recent vote overturning the legislation. Now all the big companies want to be 'the' burger chain in town! Choose a chain and do some micro-management to take over and make your company the top. Purchase the competitors shops and turn them into yours, and dream of the day where every street corner has your chain!

And there we have it. I made a small strategy game with micro-management as an 'App-a-Day'. First off, you may be wondering what happened to Saturday? More job interviews! Yay for me, bad for App-a-Day, as the ones I've been doing are very long - and apparently also on weekends. I'm happy, though, as I think my search for a job is nearing a conclusion.

Anyway! App-a-Day #7 is ready for the app store. I'm exhausted, so I will post images and more data tomorrow. Until then - get ready for Burgerwar!!

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