Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Rules

With a full (4 hour) night of sleep behind me, I'm thinking clearer and staring into the distance thinking,

"Did I seriously say I was going to do an app a _DAY_ for 30 days STRAIGHT?!"

Apparently, I did. No backing out of this now - let's do it!

Though I suspect a number of people are probably thinking, "He's been planning this for months and has a hefty collection of apps ready.", and, "He'll just make 30 fart applications."

Actually, I came up with this idea around 9:30pm last night, and I'm only allowed to make 1 farting application - and it must be in the form of a game. Wait, that sounds like a rule! Yup, I'm assigning a list of rules. Here they are....

1.) I am allowed to develop my apps using a pre-developed game engine. This will allow me to focus on just creative and small applications rather than framework every single day. For the apps that I develop using a game engine, which can and is allowed to be all 30, I will use GarageGames' iTGB game engine.

2.) All code programmed for this must be done on the day that the app will be submitted. I am allowed to use code snippets, however I must have programmed them at some point in time, and they cannot be a code snippet that makes up the entire app. For example, I may use the MultiTouch code resource I posted to GarageGames, however I cannot use the TGB Adventure Kit.

3.) It is encouraged for me to create new art for each app, however I am allowed to use art that is either supplied to me by contributors, or acquired through stock art sites with a royalty free use agreement.

4.) Audio and music I am not required to make on my own - I can obtain those through contributors or royalty free use sites.

5.) Each application has to be relatively unique, both in terms of this '30 App Attempt', and in general for the app store. So making 30, or even one fart app, is discouraged - but if I can put a unique spin on it, like turning it into a game, then it is allowed - for just one day.

6.) If for any reason I miss a day, I don't lose the competition. This isn't a competition - it's an insane attempt!

7.) Each app can be of any scale - I don't need to develop an entire Silent Hill Mobile game each day, though it's encouraged to do one or two 'larger' apps that will take a bit more time.

8.) I may not accept actual app submissions from other people, however I can accept ideas.

There we go.... 8 rules that gives me a little leeway, and will also prevent me from just duplicating everything that's out there. Time to dig into the first app!

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