Thursday, June 11, 2009

Keeping Track of the App-a-Day in the App Store

Since nothing I submit to the Apple App Store will go through right away (as Apple takes some time to thoroughly review everything before releasing them), I will be marking the status of each app on the "30 Days of Apps" menu on the right side of this page. Once an app is officially released, I will make the name of the app be clickable to link directly to the app page so you can purchase it and check it out! Each app will cost .99, meaning it won't cost anyone more than $30.00* (plus tax) to support my insanity.

Here's to the first app out the door - and only 29 to go!

* I realize that each country's "Tier 1" pricing is a little bit different, so while it is .99 cents in America, it may cost something else in another country. Regardless, all of the App-a-Day apps will be 'Tier 1', which is the cheapest tier available from Apple in the App Store for all countries in the world.

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