Thursday, July 2, 2009

Crazy Dave's Crazy App Giveaway!

The 4th of July is an amazing day.

People make some pretty sweet bar-b-que. We watch stuff explode - and who doesn't love explosions, especially in all kinds of nifty colors? This was also the day we fought off alien invaders who wanted to mine our planet... no, wait... that was a movie. But we can dream!

What else makes the 4th of July special? Everyone is home and looking for sales! Well folks, I won't let you down when it comes to that. For all of Thursday, July 2nd, I will be giving away free codes to App-a-Day games! They're all awesome little coffee-break casual games - something great to play on that ride to Uncle Judy's or Aunt Richard's big cookout. Or maybe you'll just play them while drinking a beer?

So you're probably by now foaming at the mouth and asking yourself, "How do I get a code, Dave??". Well, it's simple - all you have to do is follow me on Twitter (my Twitter name is @BahamutZaero), and watch for the offerings.

Oh, and there's a catch. I may just be giving out codes - but you'll have to convince me to give them to you! All day I will be doing trivia and challenges / dare's, and giving out a few codes for the quickest / best entries of each one. I've already posted the first on Twitter... but I won't make the Twitter followers have the first one easily. I'll post the challenge here as well.

So rev up those Twitter clients, follow @BahamutZaero, and let's roll in the 4th two days early with the craziest give away EVER!


Dare #1 for Tumblecaps: Post a photo of you and a soda bottle and convince me why you should get a free copy in the photo! Be creative. I'll give away a code to the best 3 photos. Annd....BEGIN! (I may share your photos on my web page - so prepare to be famous!)


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